1.​ Vehicle is to be operated only by the renter or any additional renter who is authorized by CARNGO in accordance with the Greek Traffic Law.

2.​  AGE REQUIREMENT: For groups A, B, C drivers must be over 23 years of age. For any other vehicle group, minimum age of the driver is 25.
Maximum age of the driver is 75 years.

3.​ DRIVING LICENSE: A valid driving license held for at least one year is required from the driver.

4.​ Driving the car on a non-asphalt road is prohibited.

5.​ Vehicle is not allowed to board a boat or cross the Greek boarders unless there is a written permission from CARNGO.
6.​ The  usage of the rented car is prohibited:
·​ for transportation of prohibited and dangerous goods and cargo;
·​ for transportation of passengers in order to gain financial profit;
·​ for driving education of third parties, even free of charge;
·​ for towing or moving other vehicles;
·​ in the event of any accident or mechanical failure;
·​ for sporting activities;
7.​ Renter is obliged to drop off the car at the time, the date and the place stipulated by the rental contract. Any change shall be approved by CARNGO. At the end of the agreed rental period, CARNGO grants a period of 30 minutes free of charge. After its  expiration the renter will be charged with one full day rental minimum.
8.​ PAYMENT METHOD: For all groups a valid Credit Card accepted by CARNGO must be presented for payment of deposit, advance and rental sums.

9.​ Renter is responsible for payment of all parking and traffic violations tickets and fines and must present checks  upon return  of the vehicle, otherwise sums of fines and operating fees will be withdrawn from his credit card upon notification of CARNGO by the renter or the Traffic Authorities.
Renter is responsible for reporting an accident (collision, roll over or simple scratch)  with full details of the party involved, to the Traffic Police and CARNGO, otherwise insurance (CDW, TP, FDW, WUG, PAI) shall not be valid.

10.​ The renter must provide CARNGO with the Traffic Police report of the accident and must fill out and sign an accident report upon return to the offices of CARNGO. In any other case the renter will be charged with the full amount of the damage caused. Damage  caused by negligence or illegal parking is not covered by the insurance.
Franchise shall be repaid in full by the renter.
The interior elements (passenger compartment, lining, devices, R / CD, plastic components) as well as mirrors, hubcaps and antenna of the car are not covered by any insurance unless damage is caused upon collision.
The excessive dirt inside the car which is difficult or impossible to be cleaned up as well as the lime or the tar on the surface of  the car will be charged accordingly.
The bottom of the car and tires, wheels, windows are covered only if the renter has accepted collateral security (WUG) and always under the condition that the car came from a paved road.
The violation of these terms makes the renter responsible for the complete loss and damage of the car regardless of the franchise (CDW).
To CDW and FDW are not insurance but a simple agreement between CARNGO and the renter.

11. Baby seats, gps, snow chains, WI-FI are available only upon request and with charge.

12. Car type changes: The Company reserves the right to provide a different car model to originally reserved of an equivalent or higher category.

13. Pick up date/return date: Each receipt / delivery  outside    Thessaloniki and the airport  will be charged. Pickup and delivery out of working hours is charged.

14. The rental contract specifies the amount of fuel in the tank at the time of pickup of the venicle, the renter  must return the car with the same amount of fuel.

If the vehicle is returned with less amount of fuel, the customer must pay the cost of missing liters at current value at the time of pickup.


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